When I met this Earth Punani
I knew I was invited inside
so I walked in slowly
gliding my hands along the way
feeling the content of my bones
more and more till I
reached the center
ready to sleep for days

The Mirror

Today is an intense day.  Inauguration Day.  I can feel the collective anger, fear and sadness in the center of my chest. I keep thinking about the women marching and how I won’t be joining them. While I do support my beautiful sisters, I guess I’m just not much of a marcher.  My thoughts today are focused on empowering myself as a woman in a woman’s body, regardless of this government who people fear is ruler, because I know I hold the true power.  I’m also very much thinking about the women that I myself oppress when I navigate my dollar based on my own privilege. I won’t forget those women who I harm when I make poor buying choices. So in that way I am no different from trump. I myself am a racist who oppresses women, kills children even, all with my mighty $ This is not an exaggeration. This is my truth, and what one version of taking responsibility looks like. Although I have had poor feelings about trump, I’ve never felt compelled to blame him. Its just never been the feeling that’s naturally aroused.  I wondered today if I should feel bad about that and decided, No. To me, and this has nothing to do with new age ideals or big idea thinking.  He is a teacher.  He shows me what I don’t want to be.  He shows me my own hypocrisy.  He shows me how important it is to act with all of my power and responsibility as a human being, especially in these times of darkness.  He reminds me not to forget about the people who I cannot see.  Who are seriously burdened by my choices as a priviledged American. My reasoning cannot forget the reason why I still have to bear witness to such tragedy on this planet.  It is because I am apart of this beautiful mess. Me. I am no saint in this regard, I cause harm everyday. That’s a hard thing to swallow. But in this life, I’ve chosen to face my demons and so I’m going do everything I can, which is a lot, to be a positive regenerative force on Mother Earth. In my own philosophy, until I am causing no harm, I will continue to witness harmful things. In my own experience, the mirror is real and true. I don’t think I believe in mistakes. Holding you all so gently today. So much love x

Mother Water, My Belly

Mother Water
told me
I have a seed
inside my belly
a memory 
of times
when grandmother
could drink
from the pure river
so when i meet you
little stream
my mouth
begins to water
and i remember
that I am not a dreamer
but a knower
of times
and this gives me hope
for life to come
Mother Water
my cure
Mother Water
my belly
October 3, 2016