My name is Holly Jean Montoya.
I live a simple life close to the Earth
in the high desert of Northern New Mexico.


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    A black wolf! (Erasmus) January 3, 2014


    THX so much for inspiring! + your conscious effort with our wolf bros and *siSTARs* !!!

    Here’s something I wrote the 1st Jan – sending a bright ray of blue *wolf-love* your way!

    – L O V E from the <3 –


    Wolves have blue perfect love,
    they teach the perfection of love,
    of the brightest of the stars
    of the starlit heavens.

    Perfect love is a teaching
    that you to love “yourself”, first.
    Not the ego, but the knowing that
    You are the infinite All. Of Selflove.

    Because in truth, You are not dependent of others love.
    You love “You”, because you love the Great Self.
    Divinity in yourself.
    Honoring the principles of perfect love and bliss.

    First then you have real surplus to love others.
    To know where to put the right boundary.
    Knowing how to become love's teacher.
    Letting it teach though every action.

    You wake up and learn the way of the wolf:
    Appreciating distance as respect.
    Appreciating the teachings of silent,
    perfect love of all creation.

    Because if we do not the way of nature and the cosmos,
    we become slaves of the hands of others,
    addicted to suffering.
    Addicted to the mercy of the hands of the false shepherds.

    Because what is a shepherd?
    – If a sheepdog guards, herds and fences the sheeps,
    it already knew how.
    You can not teach a dog a new trick

    What is MAN doing but just “guarding” the sheeps –
    for his own dinner plate?
    Worse, for money and his own greed?
    Sawing over the branch he is sitting on

    The Wisdom of wolves is “guarding” the herd,
    keeping the herds and the wilderness vibrant.
    Like lions of the cold places,
    picking out the living death

    The spirit of wolf is our guardian of the heavens,
    of our dreams of a paradise.
    Where we guard creation.
    Guiding our senses, to Perfect Love

    Sirius, in Canis Major (the great dog),
    is more truly the wolf star.
    sparkling from space
    as the brightest star of the night

    Shining brightest.
    With perfect love.
    Connect to this energy.
    Shine with perfect love

  2. WildOmen
    WildOmen January 3, 2014

    Blessings Brother! SHINE WITH PERFECT LOVE. Thank you for the <3 ....REALLY love your work with sound. So powerful, some serious medicine and magic you are sharing with the world. Many BLESSINGS Much LOVE ~ AAAUUU AUUUU AUUUUUUU

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    voytek August 10, 2014

    It’s the dream

    It’s that dream that we carry with us
    that’s something wonderful happen,
    that it has to happen,
    that time will open.
    that the heart will open,
    that doors will open,
    that the mountains will open,
    that wells will leap up,
    that the dream will open,
    that one morning we’ll slip in,
    to the harbor that we’ve never known.

    “` Rainer Maria Rilke
    translated by Robert Bly

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    Paul Acorn November 11, 2014

    What a breath of fresh air in this cluttered (internet) world. Back to nature, natural products, looking after what we have and leaving a legacy – what an inspiration.

    • WildOmen
      WildOmen January 22, 2015

      Thank you for enjoying this offering, it means the world to me! Much love ~ holly jean

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    Jasmine Amara May 27, 2015

    Hello, just want to send you some love and let you know I love your site and that I feel you so much. I was also raised in the desert here in California…

    • WildOmen
      WildOmen May 29, 2015

      Much Love to you Beautiful sister. Thank you for reaching out <3

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    voytek October 28, 2016

    ” The breezes at down has secret to tell you
    Don’t go back to sleep!
    You must ask for what you really want.
    Don’t go back to sleep!
    People are going back and forth
    across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.
    The door is round and open
    Don’t go back to sleep.”


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