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Standing Rock

 I woke up to my partner whispering the sweetest words in my ear: “If we weren’t addicted to fossil fuels we wouldn’t be having this issue with the Pipeline….” Haha! I love hearing such blatant honesty first thing in the morning : ) His words are obvious, and true. They point to a very interesting trend within protest and resistance movements that I witness all of the time. Hypocrisy.
Most people will be driving their pipeline oil fueled cars to Standing Rock and eating out of pipeline oil made convenience plastic while they are there. It’s tragic and confusing. It’s an important issue to bring up. While I am aware of a dark power and government which limits our abilities to truly progress into more sustainable lifestyles, I am also aware of another human trend, which has enabled people of all colors..to be oppressed, depressed, numbed out and apathetic to it all. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s been a thick, dark mud, hard to get out of…these dark ages.
Now I believe we have come into a time, such an incredible time in human history. Our abilities and potential are skyrocketing out of the roof. We can destroy the Earth at monumental, monstrous levels. At the same time we have the instruments and technologies to enact positive change very quickly. What can we do with all of that power? Isn’t that the question we are all asking? I think so.
Problem is we live in a world of distractions. It’s much of what this modern day, “civilized” world is made of. Distractions. Entertainment. Things you can sell. Now with the rise of social media (the ultimate distraction, a form of expression which lives in the air & ethers) and simultaneous destruction of our more Earth based, grounded community culture…a form of Vanity is on the rise. It’s understandable…we want to express ourselves so that we can be loved. We want to be seen. We want to experience the love that we still remember in our veins from a time not so long ago, when our ancestors, our families, were truly rooted within their communities. These communal people who had to devote their lives to loving each other and connectivity just to survive. Love was simply connection. It was a necessity.
It appears as though even “Conscious” people are not immune to this distraction of social media. This self-obsession. I know few people who aren’t obsessed with their smart phone and social media presence. It’s become a huge part of life. Interestingly enough, through some unskillful approaches to ancient spiritual philosophies, this obsession seems to have disguised itself as other things. Some call it normal, some call it Self-Love….which I believe in! I believe in Self-Love! I also can see that there comes a point when that self-love becomes a neurotic self-obsession and narcissism. None are immune to it.
I am deeply concerned and to be perfectly honest, blown away, that this narcissism (and I say that word with so much love so please bare with me people) has even managed to distract the Women, the Mothers in this World. Especially on Instagram. It has infiltrated our Mother pool, those primal instincts. I am convinced that We, as Women, would be on the front lines, with out a doubt and with a Deep DEEP urgency to save our Waters, save our Beautiful Earth and children without rest had we not this distraction. We would be able to SEE, more clearly what is going on and act with the strength of the Mother Guardian to really change things.
Have we let this patriarchy numb us so much that we can continue to run our lives as if the situation is not dire and urgent?
I want to encourage both my brothers and sisters to do all you can to help the people at Standing Rock,
help resist the pipeline over there because it is a clear reflection of what is happening everywhere, inside and out.
ALL of our waters are at threat, the world over, and our inner worlds are in danger of this dark spirit tar seeping in too.
We need to get our feet onto the Earth and simplify things..
Please go and pray, and let your LIFE be your Prayer.
Become aware of your own contribution to these problems and work to change!
Forget about these distractions, this accumulation of things.
Even the accumulation and obsession with hand made things,
even though I know it connects you to your indigenous self.
Understand when you’ve had enough, then move into the simplicity of your most precious gifts:
clean water, air, food, love, Earth, connectivity and giving your life and work to honoring them.
Enjoying them with your simple presence. Once we can start to commune with the Earth in this deep way,
in this simple way, things will change. We will care more, for sure,
and the Earth will show us what she needs to thrive.
Touch the Earth.

Touch the Earth

Touching the Earth is one of our great medicines.
How deeply do we understand this?

When we walk the soil, our feet touching the ground,
our entire beings are filled with the primal energy of pure resonance,
bringing us back into natural state.
In a world of such intensity this is one of the very first steps
towards finding center, finding balance,
understanding our lives, purpose, peace.
Bless yourself with a life connected to the Earth.
Understand that once we as a people develop a deep and
relationship with the Earth,
we will naturally live our lives in harmony with her.
This is what will change the world.
We must care, and to care we must know.


Touch the Earth with your hands,
and while you are touching the Earth
be still in your mind.
Take slow, deep breaths.
Notice what it feels like
to be engaged in this
simple act of communion.
Take this opportunity to dive deeper and
deeper into your true nature.
If you wish to hear the Earth speak
be quiet and listen.
Listen deeply as if you are trying to understand
a language you’ve never heard before,
Listen not to the words but to the impressions.
There is a surrender there.
Feel the essence behind it.


Be in stillness…quiet and quieter


Sit by the water.
Allow your mind to empty, crystal clear.
Do this to see clearly.
The Earth will speak and your
Soul will hear.
Do not be afraid of your own body.
Be bold and be naked.
Make friends with the cold river.
Remember it is waking you up in your bones.
At our core we are wild things before anything else,
and it is our birthright to be free in this way.


Be Bold.
Touch the Earth.
Sow the seeds of
your nature.

Life is Ritual

Life is a Beautiful Ceremony unfolding.
There are so many ways to honor and be
present within our day to day happenings,
nurturing ourselves through the ritual of life…
keeping our bodies:
physical, mental, emotional, spiritual,
tuned in, in balance.  Happy and free.
Here I will share a few of my own self-care rituals.
I work with this magic everyday.
Take the time to nurture, slow down,
be present and grounded within your own being.
Within the presence of a simple moment,
just to notice is such a beautiful gift.
~ Bless yourself  ~

 Drink Tea


I drink a lot of tea.  So, so much tea.
Many of the herbs I work with are plants I wildcraft myself,
and this of course is a part of the ritual for me.
Nettles, Wild Mint, Horsetail, the list goes on an on.
For years I stayed away from teas with caffeine,
but since meeting some beautiful friends who are deep into Tea,
I have begun to explore the world of fine Pu-erhs and Matchas,
White teas…there are so many to discover.
I brew a pot for myself first thing in the morning,
sit quietly, watch the sunrise, and enjoy the silence.
Taking in the beauteous expanse that lies before me.

Touch the Sun


This is one of the most important Rituals of my day.
Standing on the Earth, bare feet, hands to the Sun.
Feeling the light radiate my entire being,
magnifying every cell, merging into One.

Eat Beauty


I make food magic everyday.
Beautiful, bountiful, deeply nourishing foods.
Deep Earth food.  Rainbow food.
Organic, farm grown, vitalized food.
Every sense enchanted.
Blessing the food makers.
983650_10202460951620947_8757617162593498283_nKorean Seaweed Soup with Homemade Kimchi
10254009_10202362238433179_1321423431642455277_nRaw Rainbow Thai Soup
10171894_10202478831747939_1382967423979904996_nBlood Goddess Salad
1454742_10202300914940130_1935392962_nFarm fresh neighbor eggs, Homemade seed toast, Grandpa’s backyard honey, yummy kale salad
My food magic ritual is simple.
Tune into what my body needs.
Create in a meditative love state.
Make beauty.  Enjoy every bite.
Try to eat slowly and with presence.
Give thanks.



I use my neti pot almost everyday.  I actually really love to use it.
Neti is an ancient yogic cleansing technique used to purify the mind, body, & spirit.
Some even say it brings clairvoyance…I say, I agree.
I always feel much more clear and awake when I neti first thing in the morning.
It’s easy to do.  Simply mix approximately 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. of
fine ground high quality sea salt with pure, warm water and
run this solution in one nostril and out the other.
(I like to switch nostrils half-way through the pot, and take 10 deep breaths when I’m done.)
Feels good to clear the sinuses, washing away the old, making way for the new.
Making way for Deep, deep breaths.



 I had been practicing Yoga asana for years before I realized the importance of Meditation in my life.
Fortunately, a dear friend and practitioner encouraged me to sit in a 7-day silent Vipassana retreat years ago.
I soaked it up like a S P O N G E.
So happy to be quiet and go in.  After I left that particular retreat, things were different.
Very different…instaneously.  Magic took its course, swallowing me completely.
After that, I was hooked.  I remember the moment I realized that this practice was a key for me.
A doorway to the Natural state.
I would love to hear some of your own rituals : )
Always something new and inspiring to learn 
With Love,  Holly Jean

Talk to the Rivers

Let us sit down here…on the open prairie,
where we can’t see a highway or a fence.
Let’s have no blankets to sit on, but feel the ground with our bodies,
the earth, the yielding shrubs.
Let’s have the grass for a mattress,
experiencing its sharpness and its softness.
Let us become like stones, plants and trees.
Let us be animals, think and feel like animals.
::::: Listen to the air, You can hear it, feel it, taste it, smell it :::::
Woniya wakan—the holy air—which renews all by its breath.
Woniya, wakan—spirit, life, breath, renewal—it means all that.
Woniya—we sit together, don’t touch, but something is there,
we feel it between us, as a presence.
A good way to start thinking about nature, talk to it.
Talk to the rivers, to the lakes, to the winds
as to our relatives.
– John Fire Lame Deer –