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The Mirror

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((( Inauguration Day )))

Today is an intense day.  I can feel the collective anger, fear and sadness in the center of my chest. I keep thinking about the women marching and how I won’t be joining them. Now while I do support my beautiful sisters, I guess I’m just not much of a marcher.  My thoughts today are focused on empowering myself as a woman in a woman’s body, regardless of this government who people fear is ruler, because I know I hold the true power.  I’m also very much thinking about the women that I myself oppress when I navigate my dollar based on my own privilege. I won’t forget those women who I harm when I make poor buying choices. So in that way I am no different from trump. I myself am a racist who oppresses women, kills children even, all with my mighty $

This is not an exaggeration.
This is my truth, and what one version of
taking responsibility looks like.

Although I have had poor feelings about trump, I’ve never felt compelled to blame him. Its just never been the feeling that’s naturally aroused.  I wondered today if I should feel bad about that and decided, No. To me, and this has nothing to do with new age ideals or big idea thinking.  He is a teacher.  He shows me what I don’t want to be.  He shows me my own hypocrisy.  He shows me how important it is to act with all of my power and responsibility as a human being, especially in these times of darkness.  He reminds me not to forget about the people who I cannot see.  Who are seriously burdened by my choices as a priviledged American. My reasoning cannot forget the reason why I still have to bear witness to such tragedy on this planet.  It is because I am apart of this beautiful mess. Me. I am no saint in this regard, I cause harm everyday. That’s a hard thing to swallow. But in this life, I’ve chosen to face my demons and so I’m going do everything I can, which is a lot, to be a positive regenerative force on Mother Earth.

In my own philosophy, until I am causing no harm, I will continue to witness harmful things.

In my own experience, the mirror is real and true.

I don’t think I believe in mistakes.

Holding you all so gently today.
So much love x

Mother Water – My Belly


Mother Water
told me
I have a seed
inside my belly
a memory 
of times
when grandmother
could drink
from the pure river

so when i meet you
little stream
my mouth
begins to water
and i remember
that I am not a dreamer
but a knower
of times
and this gives me hope
for life to come

Mother Water
my cure
Mother Water
my belly

Holly Jean – October 3, 2016

Standing Rock


I woke up the other day to my partner whispering the sweetest words in my ear : “If we weren’t addicted to fossil fuels we wouldn’t be having this issue with the Pipeline….”

Haha! I love hearing such blatant honesty first thing in the morning : )

His words are obvious, and true. They point to a very interesting trend within protest and resistance movements that I witness all of the time. Hypocrisy.

Most people will be driving their pipeline oil fueled cars to Standing Rock and eating out of pipeline oil made convenience plastic while they are there. It’s tragic and confusing. It’s an important issue to bring up.

While I am aware of a dark power and government which limits our abilities to truly progress into more sustainable lifestyles, I am also aware of another human trend, which has enabled people of all be oppressed, depressed, numbed out and apathetic to it all. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s been a thick, dark mud, hard to get out of…these dark ages.

Now I believe we have come into a time, such an incredible time in human history. Our abilities and potential are skyrocketing out of the roof. We can destroy the Earth at monumental, monstrous levels. At the same time we have the instruments and technologies to enact positive change very quickly.

What can we do with all of that power? Isn’t that the question we are all asking? I think so.

Problem is we live in a world of distractions. It’s much of what this modern day, “civilized” world is made of. Distractions. Entertainment. Things you can sell.

Now with the rise of social media (the ultimate distraction, a form of expression which lives in the air & ethers) and simultaneous destruction of our more Earth based, grounded community culture…a form of Vanity is on the rise. It’s understandable. We want to express ourselves so that we can be loved. We want to be seen. We want to experience the love that we still remember in our veins from a time not so long ago, when our ancestors, our families, were truly rooted within their communities. These communal people who had to devote their lives to loving each other and connectivity just to survive. Love was simply connection. It was a necessity.

It appears as though even “Conscious” people are not immune to this distraction of social media. This self-obsession. I know few people who aren’t obsessed with their smart phone and social media presence. It’s become a huge part of life.

Interestingly enough, through some unskillful approaches to ancient spiritual philosophies, this obsession seems to have disguised itself as other things. Some call it normal, some call it Self-Love….which I believe in! I believe in Self-Love! I also can see that there comes a point when that self-love becomes a neurotic self-obsession and narcissism. None are immune to it.

I am deeply concerned and to be perfectly honest, blown away, that this narcissism (and I say that word with so much love so please bare with me people) has even managed to distract the Women, the Mothers in this World. Especially on Instagram. It has infiltrated our Mother pool, those primal instincts.

I am convinced that We, as Women, would be on the front lines, with out a doubt and with a Deep DEEP urgency to save our Waters, save our Beautiful Earth and children without rest had we not this distraction. We would be able to SEE, more clearly what is going on and act with the strength of the Mother Guardian to really change things.

Have we let this patriarchy numb us so much that we can continue to run our lives as if the situation is not dire and urgent?

I want to encourage both my brothers and sisters to do all you can to help the people at Standing Rock, help resist the pipeline over there because it is a clear reflection of what is happening everywhere, inside and out. ALL of our waters are at threat, the world over, and our inner worlds are in danger of this dark spirit tar seeping in too.

We need to get our feet onto the Earth and simplify things.. Please go and pray, and let your LIFE be your Prayer. Become aware of your own contribution to these problems and work to change! Forget about these distractions, this accumulation of things. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the accumulation and obsession with hand made things either, even though I know it connects you to your indigenous self. Understand when you’ve had enough, then move into the simplicity of your most precious gifts : clean water, air, food, love, Earth, connectivity and giving your life and work to honoring them. Enjoying them with your simple presence. Once we can start to commune with the Earth in this deep way, in this simple way, things will change. We will care more, for sure, and the Earth will show us what she needs to thrive.

Touch the Earth. Love you all x

Holly Jean

Earth is Mother :: I Am Mother

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.17.12 AM

The Earth, my Mother.  I come out of your womb, the Mother of a Mother.  I am born knowing your breast.

You see the Earth is my Mother, but I am Mother too.  Not the Mother of a child born from this body and flesh, but a Mother in Soul.  I feel this tenderness when I walk upon you.  The tenderness of a Bear.  Like the marrow that runs through my bones.

And I feel the rage of a Mother too.  The fervor of the storm.  While I save my only child, I cry out for the help of my Brothers and Sisters.  This is a fire that never dies.

You can feel it deep.

Great Mother, Earth.  WE have birthed each other, you have birthed me from your loins.  I know your breast well, but I am no longer a hungry child.  I can see that you are growing old, and it is time for me to take care of you now.  Like a child loves her Mother.  Like a Mother loves her child.  We care for each other.

I honor the cycles of life, that I can see with my own eyes.  The child who grows, becomes the Mother of her Mother.  A Mother that has given all of her milk.

A child forever, I cannot be a child forever.

I am Mother, a fire that never dies,
and I know my children well. 



Prickly Pear & Wild White Sage Syrup


I’ve been spending my days in a desert by the Sea.  The sweet California coast.

I found this amazingly ripe patch of prickly pear on a hike the other day.  Wow.  So juicy and ripe and ready to go.
Look at the color of these amazing babies.  Decided to harvest a few and make something nice :

::: Touch the Earth :::

10410691_752661901442856_9001695168823766281_nNurturing our Wildness

Touching the Earth is one of our lives most powerful medicines.  How deeply do we understand this?
When we walk the soil, our feet touching the ground, our entire beings are filled with a primal energy of pure resonance, bringing us back into our natural state.  In a world of such intensity this is one of the very first steps towards finding center, finding balance, understanding our lives, purpose, peace.  Bless yourself with a life connected to the Earth Mother.  
This is a lifestyle, not a novelty.  A practice, something you must strive for and be devoted to if it is something you know to be true.  Understand that once we as a people actually develop a deep and caring relationship with the Earth, we will naturally live our lives in harmony with the Earth.  This is what will change the world.  We have to care, and in order to care we must know.


Touch the Earth with your hands, and while you are touching the Earth be still in your mind.  Take slow, deep breaths.  Notice what it feels like to be engaged in this simple act of communion.  Take this opportunity to dive deeper and deeper into your true nature.  If you wish to hear the Earth speak be quiet and listen.  Listen deeply as if you are trying to understand a language you’ve never heard before, not to the words but to the subtleties.  There is a surrender there.
Feel the energy behind it.


Be in stillness…quiet and quieter


Sit by the water.  Allow your mind to empty, crystal clear.  Do this to see clearly.
The Earth will speak and your Soul will listen.

Do not be afraid of your own body.  Be bold and be naked.  Make friends with the cold river.  Remember it is waking you up in your bones.  At our core we are wild things before anything else, and it is our birthright to be free in this way.

Be Bold.  Touch the Earth.  Sow the seeds of your nature.


Love :::  Holly Jean

::::: Life is Ritual :::::


Life is a Beautiful Ceremony unfolding.  There are so many ways to honor and be present within our day to day happenings, nurturing ourselves through the ritual of life…keeping our bodies : physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, tuned in, in balance.  Happy and free.  Here I will share a few of my own self-care rituals.  I work with this magic everyday.

Take the time to nurture, slow down, be present and grounded within your being.
:::: Within the presence of a simple moment ::::
Just to notice is such a beautiful gift

::::: Bless yourself :::::

 Drink Tea


I drink a lot of tea.  So, so much tea.  A lot of the herbs I work with are plants I wildcraft myself, and this of course is a part of the ritual for me.  Nettles, Wild Mint, Horsetail, the list goes on an on.  For years I stayed away from teas with caffeine, but since meeting some beautiful friends who are deep into Tea Ceremony, I have begun to explore the world of fine Pu-erhs and Matchas, White teas…there are so many to discover.

I brew a pot for myself first thing in the morning, sit quietly, watch the sunrise, and enjoy the silence.
Taking in the beauteous expanse that lies before me.

Touch the Sun


This is one of the most important Rituals of my day.  Standing on the Earth, bare feet, hands to the Sun.  Feeling the light radiate my entire being, magnifying every cell, merging into One.

Eat Beauty


I make food magic everyday.
Beautiful, bountiful, deeply nourishing foods.  Deep Earth food.  Rainbow food.
Organic, farm grown, vitalized food.  Every sense enchanted.
:: Blessings on the food makers ::

983650_10202460951620947_8757617162593498283_nKorean Seaweed Soup with Homemade Kimchi
10254009_10202362238433179_1321423431642455277_nRaw Rainbow Thai Soup
10171894_10202478831747939_1382967423979904996_nBlood Goddess Salad
1454742_10202300914940130_1935392962_nFarm fresh neighbor eggs, Homemade seed toast, Grandpa’s backyard honey, yummy kale salad

My food magic ritual is simple.  Tune into what my body needs.  Create in a meditative love state.
Make beauty.  Enjoy every bite.  Try to eat slowly and with presence.  Give thanks.



I use my neti pot almost everyday.  I actually really love to use it.

Neti is an ancient yogic cleansing technique used to purify the mind, body, & spirit.
Some even say it brings clairvoyance…I say, I agree.  I always feel much more clear and awake when I neti first thing in the morning.  It’s easy to do.  Simply mix approximately 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. of fine ground high quality sea salt with pure, warm water and run this solution in one nostril and out the other.
(I like to switch nostrils half-way through the pot, and take 10 deep breaths when I’m done.)
Feels good to clear the sinuses, washing away the old, making way for the new..
:::: Making way for Deep, deep breaths ::::



 I had been practicing Yoga asana for years before I realized the importance of Meditation in my life.  Fortunately, a dear friend and practitioner encouraged me to sit in a 7-day silent Vipassana retreat years ago.  I soaked it up like a SPONGE.  Was so happy to be quiet and go in.  After I left that particular retreat, things were different.  Very different…instaneously.  Magic took its course, swallowing me completely.  After that, I was hooked.  I remember the moment I realized that this practice was a key for me.  A doorway to the Natural state.  Forever Blessed.

I would love to hear some of your own ritual : )
Always something new and inspiring to learn 

Love – Holly Jean


Talk to the rivers, to the lakes, to the winds


Let us sit down here…on the open prairie,
where we can’t see a highway or a fence.
Let’s have no blankets to sit on, but feel the ground with our bodies,
the earth, the yielding shrubs.

Let’s have the grass for a mattress,
experiencing its sharpness and its softness.
Let us become like stones, plants and trees.
Let us be animals, think and feel like animals.

::::: Listen to the air, You can hear it, feel it, taste it, smell it :::::

Woniya wakan—the holy air—which renews all by its breath.
Woniya, wakan—spirit, life, breath, renewal—it means all that.
Woniya—we sit together, don’t touch, but something is there,
we feel it between us, as a presence.

A good way to start thinking about nature, talk to it.
Talk to the rivers, to the lakes, to the winds
as to our relatives.

– John Fire Lame Deer –



List of Loves ::::: WATER

EtsyKelHollyNashvilleWith my dear friend Kel Mockingbird – Vortex city baby – Sedona, AZ

I’ve been dreaming up a List of Loves for quite some time now,
inspired by the recent emergence of Gratitude lists that I’ve seen coming forth in the past few months.

Gratitude!!  Remembrance!!  Joy!!!

Its been a pretty wild and crazy year, busy as a bee, and to be honest this is the first time in my life that I’m actually grounded into a place, hardly leaving at all.  For most of my life I lived on the go, a nomad, my car was my sanctuary and I had everything wonderful I needed to live, packed inside of it.  Wandering and wandering…I spent years traveling, exploring, adventuring, and essentially camping as a lifestyle.  It became exhausting at some point too.  I’ve since settled down a bit, and noticed that my relationship with adventure and pleasure has somewhat dwindled in the grounding of wild energy, it seems that gaining a grasp on a healthy routine has become a nearly full-time job.  Well, I’m ready to merge the two.  I’ve got a strong yoga practice, a simple life, and I’m ready to bring back the things that make my heart beat, blood race, childlike joy fill my whole entire being.

So here is the beginning, a list of Beloved things to bring LIFE back to LIFE, a list that will surely inspire me, and hopefully you too 


>>> WATER <<<


 I love water.  I’m a triple Pisces for goodness sake, and then some.  My whole life has been a mission to get to the water.  Sometimes I’m too much water!  It is in my depths, it’s purifying nature, it is the essence of the womb, it is the substance of life.  The Sea is my Mother.  Water in my dreams, water in my bones, water is everywhere.  Down, down,  deep into the depths, always going deeper.

I love water so much that I’m gonna have to break it down a bit folks.
Just so I can more thoroughly share this Magical agua Blessing with you 

430431_4100877316137_445761656_nAt a spring outside of Sedona, Arizona.  Middle of Winter.  So cold.


Years ago I learned something that would change my life forever.  I alone could venture into natural, pristine places of the Universe and drink WILD water.  Water untouched by man, coming from deep within the Earth…Water embodying its fully vitalized nature, water with character, water with life still flowing through it.  I could go on radical adventures, in fact plan entire roadtrips based around finding and harvesting and re-vitalizing all of life with this precious thing.

Holy Water.  Blessed Water.  Water of Life.  Water of LOVE.


There is an entire website dedicated to sharing natural springs with the world…  Go there if you feel inspired to find some fresh spring water near you.  Wild drinkable water comes in many forms and fashion, sometimes it comes sprouting out from a hole in the earth, making fairy pools, or mozying down the side of a mountain.  In some places you’ll find a man-made stone tower of sorts with a pipe distributing the water, endlessly flowing into the middle of somewhere.  In very pristine places, you can drink the water right out of a tiny stream, creek, or river.

487353_3763071951214_901195653_nStorm Creek, Idaho

10007475_10202260068358991_2050378289_nSedona, AZ


It is good to tune into your wild water of choice before drinking up.  I only say this because some people are very sensitive to foreign micro-organisms and may even get sick if they drink too much wild water to quickly.  You have to know what is going on in the environment before drinking up some stream water, even in isolated places rarely touched by man.  There may be cows grazing above, or perhaps a dear carcass rotting upstream.  Tune in and learn the ways




MY GOD.  Hot springs.  One of my most favorite things.  I could soak for hours, for days.  Sometimes I forget how potent this medicine is for me.  I go into absolute BLISS, I mean who wouldn’t?  Natural, mineral rich healing waters, penetrating you to your very core.  Warm, hot heavens bath, under the moon, under the stars, surrounded by beauty…this is where its at.  When I packed up my car to find a place in New Mexico a few years ago (I knew nothing about the state at the time) I seredipitously landed in Taos where there are a few primitive hot springs one can go to, for free, wild, right by the Rio Grande.  This was a dream come true.  I was in Heaven.  Loved it.  Shhh, secret.  You find the gems, sometimes, in the most unsuspecting places.  Usually quite beautiful.  Many times mind blowingly beautiful.





YES folks…thats what I said.  Jumpin my bum into some freezing ice cold water.  Waking up!!  This is the best feeling.  It has always been my natural tendency to be a full on polar bear, to see something pure and fresh and freezing cold and just want to JUMP right into it.  I think I was actually blessed though, by my dear Okinowan Grandmother, Mitsuko.  When I was very young, she would always, always, always make me do a final rinse in frigid cold water after a hot bath.  No questions asked.  Then she would give me a hand towel to dry off with!  I was never allowed a big fluffy one.  So funny.  My grandmother still has beautiful skin and she’s nearly 80.  I once heard wild living pioneer Daniel Vitalis talk about a cold rinse being like a work out for your skin.  Ever notice the goose bumps that cover your skin after a chilly dip?  Its like your pores are getting a work out, flexing their muscles!  I totally get that.  They are getting strong…resilient.  The cold vitalizes.

Go jump into some C O L D wild water!!!

9642_10200126323507304_1980598687_nBeautiful photo by the magical Illup Gravengaard!

So what more is there to say….when I think of a beautiful list of things I love, water tops it.  I am so grateful to be blessed with this connection, as we all are.  Everyday we have so many opportunities to honor the Great Water Spirit…from loving a simple glass of pure water, free from chemicals, to sitting by a river, pond, or the sea.  I always keep a tiny vessel of water on my altar, and honor it each day.  I pray for it, thank it, bless it.  My beautiful friend Raylene even gathered a group of people from all over the world, committed to making water offerings and prayers for forty days….a way to heal our oceans, our waters, ourselves….what a beautiful thing.

1441266_10200115806257309_1540493203_nRaylene by the Well of Montezuma.  Learn more about her beautiful practice here

“Water has no sense of it’s self. It changes form from a pure mountain spring to a babbling brook, to a mighty river that rushes to the Great Ocean. It can be ice or snow or a raging storm. And then at the right moment the sun shines and it surrenders, evaporates and transforms to cloud offerings that fly through the air with the greatest of ease and brings the Blessings of rain to this Earth for everyone’s benefit.”

Raylene Abbott


May You be Blessed, May All Beings be Blessed, May our Waters be Blessed

Darkest Day :: Return of Light


Wrapped in the darkness of our Mothers womb, nourished by its richness

Quiet quiet, dark, soft depths of Winter

Preparing for life as the sun gives birth to itself

I Am the Dream and the Dreamer

the Web and the Weaver

 Much Love this Winter Solstice