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Mother Water, My Belly

Mother Water
told me
I have a seed
inside my belly
a memoryΒ 
of times
when grandmother
could drink
from the pure river
so when i meet you
little stream
my mouth
begins to water
and i remember
that I am not a dreamer
but a knower
of times
and this gives me hope
for life to come
Mother Water
my cure
Mother Water
my belly
October 3, 2016

Earth is Mother ~ I Am Mother

The Earth, my Mother.
I come from your womb,
the Mother of a Mother
born knowing
your breast.
You see the Earth is my Mother,
but I am Mother too.
Not the Mother of a child born
from this body and flesh,
but a Mother soul.
I feel this tenderness
as I walk upon you.
Like that of a bear
like the marrow that runs deep
through my bones.
I feel the rage of a Mother too,
the fervor of storm,
as I save my only child
I cry out for help
to my brothers and sisters.
The great storm.
Mother.Β  Earth.
WE have birthed each other,
you have given me
from your loins.
I know your breast well,
but I am no longer a hungry child.
I can see that you are growing old,
and it is time for me
to take care of you now.
Like a child loves her Mother.
Like a Mother loves her child.
We care for each other.
Honoring the cycles of life,
that I can see with my own eyes.
The child who grows,
becomes the Mother
of her Mother.
The Mother
who has given all of her milk.
A child forever,
I cannot be a child forever.
I am Mother,
a fire that never dies,
and I know my children well.Β