Earth is Mother :: I Am Mother

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The Earth, my Mother.  I come out of your womb, the Mother of a Mother.  I am born knowing your breast.

You see the Earth is my Mother, but I am Mother too.  Not the Mother of a child born from this body and flesh, but a Mother in Soul.  I feel this tenderness when I walk upon you.  The tenderness of a Bear.  Like the marrow that runs through my bones.

And I feel the rage of a Mother too.  The fervor of the storm.  While I save my only child, I cry out for the help of my Brothers and Sisters.  This is a fire that never dies.

You can feel it deep.

Great Mother, Earth.  WE have birthed each other, you have birthed me from your loins.  I know your breast well, but I am no longer a hungry child.  I can see that you are growing old, and it is time for me to take care of you now.  Like a child loves her Mother.  Like a Mother loves her child.  We care for each other.

I honor the cycles of life, that I can see with my own eyes.  The child who grows, becomes the Mother of her Mother.  A Mother that has given all of her milk.

A child forever, I cannot be a child forever.

I am Mother, a fire that never dies,
and I know my children well. 



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